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Formula Kite World Championships

September 9 to 15, 2016 in Weifang Binhai China


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World Championships

World Championships

09.09.2016 - 15.09.2016 50000 EUR
Sailing World Cup Final

Sailing World Cup Final

04.12. - 11.12.2016 18000 AUD

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Is this the official World Championship ?

Yes, the IKA World Championships (Formula, KiteFoil, TT:R, Freestyle / Big Air / Wave, Speed) are the only official world titles recognized by World Sailing.

World Sailing is the governing body of the sport, from dinghy racing, windsurfing, kiteboarding up to the Volvo Ocean Race and the Americas Cup, and is as such recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

How is the World Champion decided ?

The winner of the World Championships is the world champion - men, women and age divisions upon entry.

The age categories are Under 21, Under 18, Masters (over 35) and Grandmasters (over 45)

Can we as riders also compete in whatever else kiteboarding event around the world ?

YYes, of course. We encourage riders to get involved in as many events as possible and grow our sport of kiteboarding. However, if the event claims to be a World Championship (or is perceived as such) without being sanctioned as such by IKA or World Sailing it may be listed as a prohibited event by World Sailing. Attending these events mean you become ineligible to compete in World Sailing compliant events and the Organising Authority of that World Sailing compliant event may deny your entry. This could apply to certain events published by the so called "IFKO".

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Registration opens for the 2016 Formula Kite World Championship

Registration opens for the 2016 Formula Kite World Championship

After the huge success of the 2015 Weifang Binhai Open, the event will now play host to the 2016 IKA Formula Kite World Championship. After the evolution of the "70cm Raceboard...

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